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Thursday, August 24, 2006

UND makes the grade ...

... but exactly which grade is a little less clear!

The Princeton Review company offers test-prep courses for the SAT, ACT and other college and grad-school entrance exams. The company also publishes a popular guidebook to colleges; and the guidebook's annual "Best 361 Colleges" ranking came out this week.

So, UND appears on two of the Princeton Review's lists. The first is Best Midwestern Colleges, along with Jamestown College and Mayville State.

The second lists the schools of which it can be said, "Their students (almost) never study" .

Who knew that the Chinese concept of yin and yang would find such perfect expression in North Dakota? ;-)


Blogger The Whistler said...

I never studied at UND. In fact in my senior year my buddy took me down to the Library for a photo-op.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Peder Rice said...

It's good to see UND getting some attention, but on an unrelated note, I am beginning to question the Princeton Review. Out of curiosity, does the Princeton Review have any interest in actually correctly cataloguing America's universities? For surely their largest consumer of their information will be either a high school junior or senior, and after the student enters college, how often will they return to the Princeton Review for demographic and ranking information on colleges? Never in my undergraduate work have I had any reason to return to their website, and any talk of graduate studies comes from suggestions by professors.

So I'm thinking that the Review's decisions might be somewhat arbitrary.

Nonetheless, I do not wish to make one think that the university is not worthy of its ranking as a top regional university. For I know of few substantive criticisms of UND offered by its students (though, complaints almost entirely unrelated to academia often arise, usually centering around one-way roads and how difficult they are to understand; personally, it's a one-way road! that's twice as easy to understand as a typical road).

3:45 AM  

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