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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Here's an incredible resource for anyone who cares about Minnesota, which will include many thousands of the people reading ... um, many hundreds? ... dozens?... OK, many individuals among the six people reading this blog.

Seriously, give it a click. It's the new Atlas of Minnesota Online and is an electronic creation of the Center for Rural Policy and Development in St. Peter, Minn. The center is a non-profit outfit dedicated to sponsoring and publishing original research about rural Minnesota, which of course includes just about all of the northwestern corner of the state. Their new quarterly publication, Rural Minnesota Journal, also is available online and is well worth your time.

But the atlas is even more useful and impressive. It's a Minnesota map with dozens and dozens of social, cultural and demographic overlays, most of which simply appear as you move your mouse around different corners of the state. Want to know how various school districts fared on the eighth-grade test of basic reading skills, the infant mortality rate in different counties and what percentage of people's income in the counties comes from federal farm support? Then seek no further, fellow policy wonk, because the Atlas is the electronic book for you.

Now, if they'd only include an overlay with the the locations of various Dunkin' Donuts outlets around the state ... ;-)


Blogger 2Hotel9 said...

Very nice. Though I see it does not show any Waffle House restuarnts either.

8:10 PM  

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