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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A few people have asked me what happened to the old "Northscope" blog that the Herald's editorial board started up a few months ago. The basic answer is, we killed it because it ... well, it just wasn't working the way that we'd hoped.

Early on, we'd thought that the members of the editorial board (that would be me, publisher and editor Mike Jacobs, columnist Dorreen Yellow Bird, chief financial officer Anita Geffre and managing editor Kevin Grinde) would bat issues around on a daily basis, maybe in advance of writing an editorial on the topic. This sort of thing works well at some other newspapers, after all.

But the editorial board members at those other newspapers also tend to be editorial writers, meaning full-time opinion mongers who pen arguments for a living. So, they have the inclination and can make the time to blog ... whereas in our case, I'm the only full-time editorial writer, so I guess it wasn't surprising that I wrote most of the blog entries. (And there even were too few of those, in my view. So, if you see me walking down the street flogging myself with a cat o' nine tails, you'll know I'm either on my way to a "Da Vinci Code" costume party or am motivating myself to stop stalling and make a blog entry!)

In any event, we all thought it would be better if the effort just evolved into my own blog. Hence, "Prairie Pundit."


Blogger Good Ol' Boy said...

I liked the idea of a Herald blog, and was disappointed when it didn't take off. I check yours and Tu-Uyen's regularly. Keep up the good work.

8:39 PM  
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Blogger Therese Masters Jacobson said...


I am enjoying the new face of your blog, as well as the addition of Tu-Uyen's. I, too, was disappointed in the old system, but this is so much better! Keep your comments coming.

Here's a link to my own blog featuring my students' and my artwork:

Therese Jacobson

8:59 AM  
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